Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need rain gear?

No, we have a heated indoor cabin that you can enjoy if it rains so you do not specifically require rain gear.


How many people will be on-board?

The vessel has a capacity for 120 passengers.


Will there be Seals and Dolphins?

Yes there are always seals at Howth Harbour and sometimes Dun Laoghaire. A pod of Dolphins is often to be seen on the bay.


How much is the fare?

Fares are as posted on our website. Click here to view ticket prices


Can we just arrive and hop on?

If the vessel is not fully booked you can purchase a ticket at the boat but it is advisable to book in advance.


How much in advance of sailing to we need to arrive?

It is always advisable to arrive 30 min prior to departure.


Will there be a crew member to meet me?

A crew member will always be at the pier to meet you.


Where do we meet the boat?

The vessel is boarded at the East Pier in Dun Laoghaire, West Pier in Howth and Sir John Rogerson’s Quay (outside Ferryman’s Pub) in City Centre.


How much is a return ticket?

If you have paid full price for the first leg i.e. City Centre – Dun Laoghaire  and you want to continue from Dun Laoghaire to Howth you can do so for only €6 per person. You can also sail from Dun Laoghaire – Howth Return for an extra €6 per person.


Can we do a return journey?

Yes you can book a second ticket to return.


How much is the Dart back?

If you reserve through our website or by phone you will receive an email with a concession voucher for the DART train for €2.00.


How long does a trip take?

The cruise duration depends on the route. Please see the individual cruise options for duration times.


Will I get sea sick?

As the seas around Dublin Bay are usually calm in summer most people are ok. However it depends on the person and some people will get sick in normal conditions.


What type of weather would force a cancellation?

Force 7/8 easterly may force cancellation and we will notify you in advance of your sailing.


Do we have to wear life jackets all the time?

No, life Jackets are available for all passengers in case of emergency.


Are life jackets provided for me and kids?

Yes life jackets will be provided in emergency situations.


Is there seating on board?

Yes, there is seating for 147 persons on board.


Is there a play area for kids?

No unfortunately not on board, however both harbours have children’s playgrounds.


Is it wheelchair accessible?

No it is not wheelchair accessible but we often help wheelchair users with limited mobility on board.